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Why Your Company Needs a Blog

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The days of faceless, shadowy, impersonal corporations are over. These days, the more a company can connect with customers on a personal level, the more likely that customer is to bring their business back. Online, this means communicating with customers in a meaningful way, and engaging them with useful and well-written information. Simply put, corporations that publish company blogs on their websites have more success connecting, and are more than 40% more likely to retain web searchers than sites without a blog.

So who gets to write your blog? If you have someone in-house who has a clear writing style, an attention to grammatical detail, and can explain complicated things in a simple way, then that’s your blog writer. But don’t be afraid to outsource your writing. Professional copywriters already possess all the previously mentioned skills… all they need is information on your company, and they can generate a great blog for you.

What should your blog say? If there is any aspect