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Is it Possible to Incorporate SEO Techniques into Your Blog? Three Tips

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Did you know that companies with more than 51 blog articles experience a 77% lift in their median monthly leads? There are a lot of reasons blogging ties in closely to SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. Blogs are full of textual content, and tend to be more relaxed than product company pages, making them more inviting to click on, read, and forward.

Whether you blog for yourself or for an entity, there are several ways you can improve your technique in order to get more viewers through search engine results. Here are our top three SEO blogging tips.

1. Make Titles that Make Sense

Sometimes, you need to ignore the advice your former creative writing teacher told you. Although a title like “The Secrets of the Oven, the Cookies at Dawn” might be intriguing, “Five Tips for Making Better Cookies” is a lot more to the point, and is going to help capture people searching for what your blog is about. It’s okay to be humorous and whimsical with titling, just make sure tha