Get Your Website Noticed With SEO

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If you have an Internet presence in the form of a website to which you regularly publish content, it is of the utmost important that you stay current with the latest SEO news and familiarize yourself with the SEO tools that are being widely used today. But what is SEO marketing exactly?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a kind of online marketing that enables websites to become mores visible to Internet users on search engines such as Google. The goal is to get the best search engine ranking possible. This is achieved by creating content that demonstrates its relevance to the readers. In other words, does your website help people to make informed decisions about particular products or services? Does the site serve as a vital educational tool?

But why invest in search engine optimization for your website? With more than 100 billion monthly searches done throughout the world, it can help you to reach a broader audience. Further more, SEO is much more effective than traditional outbound marketing techniques, which only result in sales 1.7% of the time. SEO on the other hand results in sales 14.6% of the time. In fact, 57% of marketing professionals who specialize in business-to-business interactions say that SEO is the most effective way they create leads.

If you’ve been paying attention to SEO news, you’ve likely heard about the importance of catering to those who use mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. By the year 2012, there were more than 70 million people who were using their mobile equipment to look for and buy products online. Of these particular Internet users, 48% say they look for product deals and read online reviews of products using their mobile devices.

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