Why SEO Reporting Tools are Crucial

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Did you know there are over 100 billion searches performed around the planet every single month? You might also be surprised at how much of a market share Google grabs in the search engine industry, which is up to 70 percent. As you can see, becoming visible in search engines like Google will make you a success story as a website owner. However, many website owners make the mistake of not paying attention to search engine optimization. SEO reporting tools provide you all the necessary information about your website’s overall optimization score. SEO reporting tools actually give you no excuse to avoid monitoring a number of SEO details.

One of the main reasons why SEO reporting tools are so important is discovering areas of opportunities. The only way you are going to be able to adjust your site for a better optimization score is by finding problems and errors first. If you are a blogger, SEO reporting tools are crucial for monitoring the relevancy of your content. New studies show businesses that have blogs receive 434 percent more indexed pages in search engines like Google. The more indexed pages you have in search engines, the more visitors and sales you will experience.

Leads generated from search engine optimization produce a 14.6 percent close rate on average. Outbound leads only produce a 1.7 percent close rate on average. This means SEO is more important for lead generation than other techniques, such as direct email marketing. Seo reporting tools give you complete details about your inbound links, keyword relevancy, keyword density and the speed of your website. All of these elements are important for your website’s success. Tracking and analyzing inbound links and content relevancy is the first step towards making the right improvements to your website. Be sure to read reviews about SEO reporting tools before buying anything.

SEO Reporting and You

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If you are looking for a solid grasp on internet marketing, the basics of SEO reporting should be well known to you in advance. First of all, Google rankings are incredibly important to search engine rankings in general, as this search engine commands about two thirds of the search engine market share worldwide. Nearly sixty percent of consumers research products via search engine instead of visiting company websites directly or inquiring after reviews on social media sites, so this is an important facet of any online marketing campaign, to be sure. A good SEO reporting professional or program should be able to tell you exactly how a visitor found your site and how long they stayed on it for best results.

Another aspect of SEO reporting that you should know about is the fact that organic, or non paid, click throughs generate 25 percent higher conversion rates than paid ads do, and that over 40 percent of search engine users simply click on the top organic result for their query before going any further. This should illustrate vividly just how important it is to get organic, interested chatter about your site going on around the web. Make your content as interesting and keyword rich as possible, and people will want to share their information on your site both on their mobile devices and on their traditional computers.

Notably, SEO reporting has lately returned an interesting bit of data regarding mobile devices vs. traditional computers. Specifically, web searches on smartphones, tablets, and similar mobile devices are set to overtake traditional computer searches by 2014, so optimizing your site for mobile use is absolutely imperative to getting and keeping your organic search engine rankings high. Any Seo reporting professional should be able to explain these concepts to you in greater detail, so search the web for a patient and skilled provider in this field who knows their craft inside and out.