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Four Key Ways to Improve Your Blog SEO

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Bloggers, new and old, have to compete in an over saturated space. Everyone with a computer and an idea can keep a blog with varying amount of success. The key to making your blog outshine the competition is by utilizing smart SEO tips that will make your content stand out in search engine results. Blog SEO is not a matter of utilizing one great SEO tip. Instead, utilizing a wide variety of SEO tips for blogs in synergy with each other is the best way to have success. Start with these four tips for optimizing your site.

1. Quality, Engaging Content

The key to any blog is the writing. Raleigh Leslie writes in the article “Balancing Quantity and Quality in Content Marketing”on that “quality content is important to hold the attention of the user. Quantity is important to search engines…” He further explains that quantity incorporating quality is the best way to increase search engine notice while avoiding being put on the ban list for traffic mining. Having a blog whic