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Three Ways to Increase the Amount of Traffic Your Website Receives

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Did you know that Google receives approximately 65-70% of the entire search engine market share? In addition, SEO news shows that 92% of American adults perform at least one search per day. With so many people using the internet nowadays, internet marketing is more important than ever. SEO is an essential part of internet marketing, and there are several SEO strategies you must use in order to increase the amount of web traffic your website receives.

1. Social media marketing. Your website must maintain a significant presence on social media sit

Use Internet Marketing to Increase Website Rankings

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Traditional marketing efforts have changed dramatically over the past few years with the increased use of the Internet. The usually advertising venues such as broadcast and print are no longer the only viable way to drive new business to your company. Businesses must now include strong Internet marketing as part of a complete marketing program.

Many businesses used to think that being listed in the yellow pages was a great way to advertise their businesses. However, today, 92% of online adults perform at least on search per day, meaning the yellow pages are no longer a viable marketing avenue. Also, Internet marketing is embracing the high number of mobile devices that are being used to access the Intern