How Can I Find the Best SEO Reseller?


Advertising is not what it used to be. The money once budgeted for print ads, became dollars for online blinkie ads and traveling messages that interrupt the user’s view of their desired content. Now, research shows that advertising dollars can be better spent if they are directly targeted toward a user’s online searching. In fact, the best SEO reselling approaches attempt to catch the user during their initial search.
A study by Outbrain shows that search is the number one driver of traffic to content sites. In fact, search beats social media by more than 300%. While some people still spend money advertising on social media sites, research indicates that the better investment is to get your company or product name at the top of any related search.
For many years, the biggest challenge business to business (B2B) marketers faced in regards to lead generation is generating high-quality leads. This 61% have likely decided that broadcast emails are less effective. If, on the other hand, your advertising and marketing focus is to learn the SEO trade, you can begin to reach the users who are actually looking for your service or product.
Since 70% to 80% of users ignore paid advertising, more and more marketing teams are focusing in creating organic content, information that is uniquely created for a business. Because users focus on organic results, it is important to use the best SEO reselling approaches and predict articles that will be of interest to future customers.
Consider a local gymnastics training center as an example. Organic content that could attract new customers would include a variety of articles about different aspects of the gymnastics world. During an Olympic year, for example, the content could include articles about the newest Olympic gymnasts and how they got their start. Like many of the customers a gymnastics business is trying to attract, these new Olympians probably did their first tumbling at a small, locally owned gym.
Internet users initiate over 100 billion global searches each month. An outsourced SEO reseller program can help your business make its way to the top of those searches.
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